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Good articles in Physicswiki

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Good articles are articles that are considered to be of good quality, but are not yet qualified as featured article quality. Good articles meet the good article criteria and have passed through the good article nomination process successfully. In short, they are well written, factually accurate and verifiable, broad in coverage, neutral in point of view, stable, and illustrated, where possible, by relevant images with suitable copyright licenses. Good articles need not be as comprehensive as featured articles, but they should not omit any major facets of the topic: a comparison of the criteria for good and featured articles describes further differences.

Currently, of the 29,442 Physicswiki articles, presently 0 are categorized as good articles (about 1 in Expression error: Unexpected < operator.), most of which are listed below. An additional 4,323 are listed as featured articles (about 1 in 10) and 2,815 as featured lists (about 1 in 20). Articles are only included on one list, so when a good article is promoted to featured status, it is removed from the good articles list. Adding good and featured articles and lists gives a total of 7,138 articles (about 1 in 5).

The process for designating an article as a good article is intentionally straightforward. If you find or contribute to an article meeting the good article criteria, you may nominate it on the good article nominations page for an impartial reviewer to assess. If it is accepted, it will be added to the list of good articles here. Similarly, anyone can propose that an article which no longer meets the good article criteria be delisted by following the delisting instructions. If an article's nomination fails or if an article is delisted, an explanation and suggestions for possible improvements should be provided on its talk page by the reviewer or delisting editor.

Disagreements over article quality can be resolved on the reassessment page, which WikiProject good articles helps to maintain. [ v  · e ]

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