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The results of the poll were 407 in favour of implementation in some form, and 217 opposed, with 44 other responses.


The two month trial of Pending Changes is over and community consensus is required for its continued use. The community should now decide if the implementation should be continued or not: the straw poll will last two weeks from August 22 – September 4 (UTC). An extensive discussion, including a summary of the major issues and recommendations, can be found and continued at Pending Changes/Closure. Meta-discussion about the poll itself should take place on the talk page.

Straw poll instructions

There are two basic options: close or keep. Users who want to keep pending changes can additionally specify what format they would prefer a continued trial to take.


  • 1 – Close, disable the feature entirely.


  • 2 – Keep as is. This option still allows for adding and removing individual articles but with no expansion beyond what was originally approved. Improvements to the interface and policy continue.
  • 3 – Keep with gradual limited expansion. From the present 1.4k to between 5k to 10k max, focusing on low traffic/BLPs (biographies of living persons) and any articles as requested. Improvements to the interface and policy continue.
  • 4 – Keep, with expansion by bot to all BLPs. Improvements to the interface and policy continue.

Straw poll

  • Please add brief comments but refrain from discussion inside the poll.
  • Vote in the section titled with your choice.

Close: option 1

  1. Support 1 - I have been an editor since 2002 and have started articles that have 10s of revisions after mine now. At first, I didn't know anything about accounts, but I had knowledge to share. I believe the danger will be that many valid article updates will never become a part of PhysicsWiki because they will be lost in a system where content must be approved to be seen. It promotes an attitude where PhysicsWiki editors can also edit would-be changes / contributions because of differences in style or opinion before the original article would have ever been seen. I think some of the uniqueness and power of PhysicsWiki comes from it's fluid nature of sharing knowledge -- by and for everyone. I resist the attitude of it becoming a club. Brandonforgod 3 September 2010

The above discussion is preserved as an archive. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section.