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This describes the terminology associated with the upcoming trial of Pending changes (nee "Flagged protection"), along with illustrations of the workflow. It's meant as a style guide for the user interface strings and documentation.

Terms needed in the user interface and documentation

Typical editing case

Here's how we expect the feature to be used by most editors: File:PendingRevisions-workflow.svg


Because of the way the feature works, there's a slightly different term for when a previously accepted revision is rejected, as opposed to an unreviewed one. In the case of an unreviewed change, the only recourse is to revert to an earlier version. In the case of a change that's been File:PendingRevisions-unaccept.svg

Putting an article under pending changes

Here's what happens when an admin puts an article under pending changes. File:PendingRevisions-add-remove-article.svg