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This page serves to document and centralize some issues related to the conduct and evaluation of the trial. The trial will last for two months and then a community discussion will decide the future of the implementation, the default being deactivation.

Development status

(updated 2010-11-15) - We are currently planning to roll out a new version of the FlaggedRevs/Pending Changes wikis to all wikis on Tuesday, November 23 sometime shortly after 3:15pm PST (23:15 UTC). This will have the new reject button, some new Javascript to help complicated diff pages load faster, and many under-the-hood code improvements.

We're currently tracking the list of items we intend to complete in Bugzilla. You can see the latest list in Bugzilla, and get more detailed information on the WMF development project page for Pending Changes.

Initial article count limits

We are initially applying the trial configuration of Flagged Protection to, at most, 2000 articles (though the precise figure could be adjusted as the trial proceeds). This is because:

  • From and shows that Flagged Protection will impact performance. So the WMF developers would like to start small.
  • The community can get used to this feature with a limited number of articles, instead of letting it loose on any page.

If performance takes a hit, the ops team may roll back Flagged Protection to fewer articles (mechanism TBD), rather than shutting off the feature altogether. If things are going well on both the performance and community norm fronts, the operations team may increase the limit during the trial. There are not currently plans for a limit after the trial period. However, there may need to be some mechanism in place to prevent drastic increases in the number of articles placed under Flagged Protection to safeguard site performance.

Which articles to apply pending changes to

See PhysicsWiki:Pending changes/Queue, PhysicsWiki:Pending_changes#Scope and talk pages.

Which criteria to base upon for reviewing

See PhysicsWiki:Reviewing#Reviewing process.

Which criteria for becoming reviewers

See PhysicsWiki:Reviewing#Becoming a reviewer and talk page.

Open policy issues

Discussed on talk pages of PhysicsWiki:Pending changes and PhysicsWiki:Reviewing.

Open technical issues

Measure of success

PhysicsWiki:Pending changes/Metrics


PhysicsWiki:Pending changes/Terminology


PhysicsWiki:Pending changes/Testing

Permission levels

Current flaggedrevs.labs configuration
Permission Description anonymous+new editors autoconfirmed users confirmed users reviewers administrators
edit Edit pages Yes Yes (implied) (implied) (implied)
autoconfirmed Edit semi-protected pages Yes Yes (implied) (implied)
autoreview Have one's own edits automatically marked as "accepted" Yes Yes (implied) (implied)
movestable Move accepted pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
review Mark revisions as being "accepted" Yes Yes
stablesettings Configure how the published version is selected and displayed Yes

The full and current version of the configuration can be found at Special:ListGroupRights.

List of bugs

Please list bugs related to this trial here: