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The project namespace or Physicswiki namespace is a namespace consisting of pages with information or discussion about Physicswiki. Its NAMESPACE number is four (4).

Pages in this NAMESPACE will always have the prefix Physicswiki:. They can also be reached by alias Physicswiki: or the standard (for any Physicswiki site) prefix Project:.


The main gateway for the project NAMESPACE is Physicswiki:Community Portal. A link to this page is always available in the sidebar. The Community Portal includes categorized links to the most useful pages related to the project. For more complete lists of pages in the project namespace, see:

Rules, policies, guidelines


  • A process is a central and organized way of doing things, generally following certain policies or guidelines (e.g. the "deletion process" proceeds in accordance with the "deletion policy"). See Physicswiki:PPP for details.

Information and discussions

Many pages in Physicswiki NAMESPACE have nothing to do with rules, and thus do not belong in the above categories.

  • Some pages are designed for discussions, such as Physicswiki:Village Pump sections.
  • Some pages serve as noticeboards to draw attention to discussions taking place elsewhere, such as the centralized discussions page and various Requests for Comments pages.
  • Pages with "Physicswiki:WikiProject" prefix form a WikiProject pseudo-namespace.
  • Many pages simply provide some information about Physicswiki (like this page). Some of them reflect a particular opinion, and are marked with {{essay}} template (see Physicswiki:ESSAYS).

Historical pages

A historical page or process is one which is no longer in use, or any non-recent log of any process at all. Historical pages can be revived by advertising them.

Before creating a new page

The project NAMESPACE contains many pages and a lot of information, and most Physicswikins probably have not read all of it. To make information easier to find, try to avoid creating new pages in the project NAMESPACE unnecessarily. If you want to add material, you might discover that the same thing already exists somewhere else. Before creating a new page, you should consider looking through the topical index to see if the material belongs at a page that already exists.


Some people refer to pages in the project NAMESPACE as meta pages. However, this can be confusing, because Meta is actually the name of the site dedicated to all Physicswiki projects:

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