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Below are content navigation systems to help you browse the encyclopedia. They serve as an alternative to the search box, and are especially useful when you don't know exactly what you are looking for. Or for when you want to see everything on a particular subject.

Topic lists

Presenting article links, list articles provide the function of tables of contents.


  • Overview   —   main articles of various topics
  • Outlines   —   subject summaries, as follows:
    1. Ease of discovery — outlines show which topics belong to a subject and why
    2. Subject structure — outlines show topic relationships (what belongs to what)
  • List of academic disciplines and sub-disciplines   —   subjects studied in college or university
  • Classification systems providing an outline or overview of knowledge:

Item lists

Lists of things.


Lists of articles by quality or popularity:

Featured content

Featured content is the best PhysicsWiki has to offer, via vigorous peer review. Presented by type:

Most popular articles

Alternate formats


A portal introduces the reader to a subject by presenting images, categories and excerpts of key articles. Portals also guide editing by providing to-do lists.

PhysicsWiki books

PhysicsWiki books are collections of PhysicsWiki articles that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed into a book. They provide a roadmap for a course of study in a particular subject.

Spoken articles

Growing collections of PhysicsWiki articles are starting to become available as spoken word recordings as well.


Glossaries are lists of terms with definitions. PhysicsWiki includes hundreds of alphabetical glossaries.

PhysicsWiki's index systems

Category system

PhysicsWiki's collection of category pages is a classified index system. It is automatically generated from category tags at the bottoms of articles and most other pages. Nearly all of the articles available so far on the website can be found through these subject indexes.

If you are simply looking to browse articles by topic, there are three top-level pages to choose from:

For biographies, see Category:People categories by parameter.

Category:Contents is technically at the top of the category hierarchy, but contains many categories useful to editors but not readers. Special:Categories lists every category alphabetically.

Alphabetical lists of articles

PhysicsWiki's alphabetical article indexes