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A new state of matter is discovered - the metals of Jan-Teller

Time Crystals - the metals of Jan-Teller

An international group of scientists announced the discovery of a new state of matter, which can shed light on the problem of obtaining high-temperature superconductors. The resulting substance can easily transfer between the state of the conductor, insulator, metal and magnetic material. The intermediate state between these phases is called the Yan-Teller metal. The properties of the material vary with the distance between atoms in the crystal lattice. This parameter is changed by pressure, but not mechanical, but chemical. To do this, the substance of the substance is changed by the concentration of rubidium atoms, which move apart or bring the remaining atoms together. In this case, the molecules retain their previous forms, but at the same time, the insulator can obtain the properties of a superconductor. The Ian-Teller metals suggest scientists that they can get superconductors from insulators in a relatively simple way at a relatively high temperature (-135 degrees Celsius) for this effect. Superconductors can transmit electricity without resistance, and therefore without heating, noise and other energy losses, which would significantly affect the efficiency of energy transfer for similar materials.

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