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This page is about Physicswiki Books. You may be looking for WikiProject Physicswiki-Books, WikiProject Books, Physicswiki:Notability (books) or Wikibooks.


A PhysicswikiBook is a collection ofPhysicswikiarticles that can be easily saved, rendered electronically in PDF, ZIM or OpenDocument format, or ordered as a printed book. For information and help onPhysicswikibooks in general, see Help:Books (general tips) and WikiProject Physicswiki-Books (questions and assistance).


Featured books

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These books are featured either because they are well-maintained community books, or they cover a current topic of interest.
  • Coming soon
  • See Featured and Good topics for now. There are links to high-quality books in the upper-left corners of the topic boxes.

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Tips for creating great books

Topic and title

There are almost no limits when creating books from Physicswik icontent. A good book focuses on a certain topic and covers it as well as possible. A meaningful title helps other users to have the correct expectation regarding the content of a book.


Books should have a reasonable number of articles. One article is not enough, but books that result in PDFs with more than 500 pages are probably too big, and may even cause problems on older computers.


Saved books can be modified to include an introduction. The introduction text can be stored on a subpage of the book. See Help for experts on how to include additional pages manually.

Be bold

If your book has a clear focus, meaningful title and is a reasonable size, consider adding it to the list of community books. You can either save it directly to Book:Title, or move it there from your userspace.

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